Online Lesson Setup

Before you can begin online lessons, make sure you have all the right equipment.
Visit the Lesson page for a list of items needed for general lessons.
For lessons ONLINE, make sure you have:
  • A computer or smart device where you have internet connection
    • If you are using a computer that is not portable, make sure you position it (or you position yourself) so the camera on the computer faces the side of the harp your face is on (left side of harp). You will be able to see me easily, and I will be able to see you. If you are using a phone, make sure you have it placed somewhere where you can see me, and I can see you. Make sure your computer has a camera attached to it internally or externally, and that your speakers are on.
  • The ability to connect via an app or online page for lessons, this includes, but is not limited to: Skype, FaceTime, Zoom.
    • Take the time to figure out what app or program works best for you. Lately I’ve had issues using Skype, so now I teach some of my lessons on a platform called Zoom. It’s free to have an account and setup a “meeting” for a one-on-one lesson. Let me help you get it set up if this is what you would like to use. FaceTime is for apple users only, is free, and easy to use.
  • lamp to clearly see your music on your music stand. 
    • If you will be using a phone for online lessons, I highly recommend buying this floor lamp. Not only is it good to clearly see your music, and not squint when learning something new, but this will enable you to attach a phone holder to the lamp for a much smoother lesson experience. I like this floor lamp, as it similar to mine, where it has a gooseneck and allows me to move it anywhere I please to make it easier to switch between lessons and practice time.
  • Phone tripod to attach to floor lamp for easy viewing. 
    • If you are using a phone for online lessons, I strongly recommend getting a floor lamp to attach this phone tripod to. This way you won’t have to put your phone on the music stand, which is not an ideal place to view your hands from my perspective. Plus it will keep your music stand free for what it is intended for: music. This phone tripod will snake around any floor lamp easily and allows you to bend and manipulate it to where you can see me, and I can see you perfectly. This stand doesn’t interfere with the speakers on your phone, like other phone stands do.
Be patient with yourself and your teacher as you begin online lessons. Some lessons will be disrupted by wifi connection, others may delay by trying to setup the camera in the best angle. There are many benefits to online lessons, so help yourself by preparing the best way you can for a smoother lesson experience. Oh, and don’t forget to practice!
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