I rent my own harps from my studio:

Lyon & Healy Ogden

34 strings Lever Harp (most light-weight at 28 lbs.) 53” tall, not including a 4” or 8” set of legs
$55 monthly rental

Lyon & Healy Troubador
36 Strings Lever Harp (38 lbs.) 65.5” tall
$65 monthly rental

Salvi Daphne 40 Series

40 Strings Pedal Harp (58.5 lbs.) 64.5” tall
$75 monthly rental


Harp rentals can be intimidating. I promise, it’s just the unknown! Let me help you find a harp rental. If I currently do not have my own harps to rent, there are a few other trustworthy options out there.

What size should I get?

Youʼll want to find a size that will fit your needs. A lap harp may fit well for a 5-6 year old (averaging 42” in height), whereas a 34-36 string lever harp will work well for pre-teens, teenagers and adults. A perfect fit for harp will include a proper bench that is adjustable to sit well behind the instrument, no matter how tall or short you are.
I have a 6 year old student that sits on a small chair and plays my 21-string Heartland Harps lap harp. I also have a 5 year old student that plays on my 34-string Lyon & Healy Ogden. Both students are the same height, and Iʼve made it work for them.
I started harp at age 9 on a Lyon & Healy Troubador, and I was short for my age. I had to sit on the yellow pages! Am I dating myself? If you are just starting out, and donʼt know how to work the pedals, then you donʼt need to spend the money renting a pedal harp. A lever harp, which is generally smaller and more light-weight (20-38 lbs.), will usually be more inexpensive to rent. Also, thereʼs no need to think that youʼll eventually need to play a pedal harp. Some harpists have made their career on only lever harps.

Harp Rentals:

1. Lyon & Healy
– They have a budget-friendly selection of great harps.
2. Harps International
– They offer multiple brands of harps.
3. The Harp Connection
– Again, offering multiple brands of harps in one place
4. Virginia Harp Center
– Multiple brands offered
5. Harp Column
– This wonderful magazine also lists harps for sale and rent all over the United States.

These links should get you started on there right path.

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