Harp Ramp
Moving the harp around is not necessarily the most glorious part of playing the instrument. In fact, it can lead to issues if not moved properly. Your entire body takes a toll. Getting the harp into the back of a vehicle can be strenuous on the back, let alone the steps, ramps, corners, doorways, the list goes on! I needed to find a harp ramp, and quickly!
Our front door has one step leading into the home, just before the threshold. Not matter which way I slice it, I will be going up a step, and down a bump (threshold), or over a bump and down the step. The harp gets jostled around on the step every time. When this happens, the mechanism on the neck, including the finely regulated discs, can get jostled out of place. When a regulation costs upwards of $375, you want to keep your harp in the best shape for as long as possible. Regulation is when a harp technician spends a few hours adjusting these tuning pins on the neck to make sure the strings are in tune in all FLAT, NATURAL, and SHARP positions.
With that said, I began my research into a proper harp ramp that would alleviate this jostling, and help preserve my back in the process. After much searching, and a few measurements, I ended up purchasing Prairie View Industries SFW330 Portable Single-fold Ramp, 3 ft x 30 in.
This harp ramp It is perfection! It fits perfectly on the doorstep, and allows me to move my harp in and out with ease. It has a great handle, and folds up nicely to store in the coat closet for easy access.
Be kind to your body, be good to the harp, and purchase the harp ramp HERE.
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