Orlando Harp Lesson FAQ’s
“When is a good age to start harp lessons?”
I have taught piano as young as 4, and harp as young as 5. My oldest student is in her sixties. If you would like to have your young child take harp lessons, we start by first learning how to read music. I start my young harp beginners with my new book “Animal Alley: Friends of the Forest” which slowly introduces the student to new notes with the help from our furry friends! The parentsʼ involvement in the childʼs studies and daily repetitions is essential for the lessons to make a difference.
“Do I have to have previous musical experience, and do I need to know how to read music to start harp lessons?”
No. I teach the student how to read music while also incorporating the beginnings of technique behind the instrument. Please be patient with yourself, as it will take longer to learn how to play a song if you donʼt know how to read music.
“Do I need to cut my fingernails short?”
Yes. Long fingernails impede proper technique.
“Where can I find a harp to purchase/rent?”
I have harps for rent. Contact me for the availability. If you are looking to purchase, I will assist you so we can find the best fit for you needs and budget. (Check out my other blog “Buying vs. Renting”)
“What do your lessons cost?”
1 hour lesson= $45, thirty minute lesson= $30. When the situation presents itself, I offer online lessons via Skype or FaceTime. This is not recommended for every lesson, but an occasional lesson. The prices remain the same for online lessons.
“Do I have to tune my own harp?”
Yes, harps are very sensitive instruments that react to weather changes and being moved. If you leave your harp in the same spot at your residence, and donʼt move it often, it will stay in tune longer. However, you should tune your harp at least once a week. Most professional harpists tune every day, but then again they are moving their harp from gig to gig and practicing many hours a day. Fortunately there are many electronic tuners from which to choose. I will help you find a good one, and teach you how to tune.
“When a string breaks, how do I replace it?”
Whether you decide to rent or buy, your harp will arrive fully strung. As mentioned before, harps are very sensitive instruments and strings will break, sometimes seemingly for no reason. Drastic changes in weather can cause a string to break. Moving the harp from one location to another can cause a string to break. Harp strings are not sold at your local music store, because they are specialized. There are trusted companies that sell harp strings. Harp strings are not returnable, so allow me to help you find the right one.
I will also help you through the process of changing the string. It can be daunting, but we all had to start at the same place, so youʼre in good company!
“Will I need to take my harp to the lessons?”
No. Most harp teachers will have their own harps in the studio for you to use. I have both a Concert Grand harp for my adult students as well as a Troubador for my younger students. Moving a harp is a workout! Leave yours at home and enjoy the lesson.
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