Daily Stretches for the Harp Player
Athletes don’t perform with cold muscles and neither should musicians. Take care of your body, your health, and your performance with these daily stretches.
General rules on Daily Stretching for the Harp Player:
  • Take 15-20 seconds to perform each of these stretches daily before your first practice session.
  • If you feel pain, stop immediately!
  • Perform these stretches with attention to detail: go slowly and breathe deeply.
  • Drink plenty of water: this helps flush the toxins and increase your flexibility.
The Shoulder Area

We harpists have to be especially mindful of the shoulder and pectoral muscles. We spend hours a day hunched over our instrument with our arms forward.
In the following exercise, find a cornered wall or door frame. Place your hand firmly on one side and gently rotate your body with your arm behind you.
In the following exercise take your right arm and extend it as far to the left in front of you as possible. Have your left hand hold your right arm and pull it towards your body. Position your head facing to your right. Do the same for the other arm.
Forearm Area

The following exercises will help relieve tension in your forearms and wrists. Extend your right arm fully out in front of you and have your left hand gently pull your right hand in towards you. Do the same with your other arm.
Perform the following exercise in the same manner as the one before, except to pull your fingers in the opposite direction.
Finger Stretches

Give your fingers individual stretching, but remember not to hyper-extend, and stop immediately if you feel pain.

Perform these stretches daily, before your first practice session of the day, and you will feel and hear a difference in your playing.
This page is not verified by a physician. Please do these exercises gently, with great care not to over-extend.
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