Benefits of Online Lessons

Many music teachers may gasp at the idea of online lessons. Are they beneficial? Is there something lost in this form of communication? Are they less personal, less effective? What benefits might they have that in-studio lessons cannot provide?

As I continue to build my roster of online music students, I consider the differences between online and in-studio lessons. Have we filled our lives with too many activities? What if I want my kids in sports and music, and online lessons are the only way to manage that time wisely? Will they lose the significance of personal connections, touch, sights, sounds, if the lessons are online? Will the sacrifice be worth it?

I spent my lessons in the studio with all my teachers. Technology had not yet allowed for online lessons, so it was the only option. What are the benefits of online lessons that in-studio lessons cannot offer? I recently started teaching a new student from Alabama. She is a grown woman who has taught ballet all her life and continues to be a big advocate for the arts in her small town. She owns a Lyon & Healy Troubador and finally decided there was no time like the present to pursue her musical dream and learn how to play. Through our  communications I have learned that she devotes most of her time to the arts within her community and she has little extra time for herself. Because of her location and her schedule, online lessons made more sense to utilize her time efficiently. She does not have to get in the car and drive an hour or more for lessons. Instead, this time can be used to practice in the comfort of her home immediately after we have signed off from our online lesson. It is best to practice immediately following a lesson (preferably on the same day) so as not to lose any of the information covered within the lesson. This immediate application of lesson material in the practice session makes our practicing for the week exponentially better.

I have students that drive an hour one way for lessons. Sometimes make-up lessons cannot be scheduled within short notice. A benefit Iʼve seen to online lessons is that the student sometimes calls to schedule a make-up lesson, and often times we can sign-on and have the lesson within the hour. Itʼs quick, easy to set up, and time is not wasted.

Benefits of Online Lessons

  • Efficient use of time management

  • Less time spent commuting to and from lesson

  • Quick application of lesson through immediate practice

  • Availability to schedule follow-up, or missed lessons

Be patient, and keep in mind that some time will be spent adjusting the camera to get the best possible viewing for teaching and learning.

A prospective student asked me recently about the pros an cons of online lessons. She was concerned her daughter would not be getting the best education for her time. I answered her questions, but ultimately it is a decision the student (or parent) must make. I think itʼs a great addition to the ways in which we are able to teach and spread the knowledge and the love of music. Plus, I get to meet people from all over the country, in all walks of life! Take time to discuss it with your teacher and make the best decision for you. After all, you have the decision to make that was not available until now.

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